Customer Gallery

Take a look at what some of our customers have done with our products!  Amazing!  (Click on the photos to get a little bigger view.)  Got a picture to share?  Let me know! 

I've had these pictures for awhile, but forgot to post them!  These are finished roombook kits from Sharron Emery.  She says, "I thought you might like to see what I did with your bookrooms. They are for my adult granddaughters for their birthdays. The racks are from Suzanne, the tea set from Ruth, I made the cakes(from your kit) and the wine bottles. The cat and chihuahua are from minigems. I love them!"

Lorraine Paduano finished up the "Speakeasy in a Violin Case" kit recently.  She really made it her own.  Love the bathtub! 

Cindy McDaniel attended the NAME RC/SR retreat in 2016 in Indianapolis and finished up the special roombook kit made just for the occasion.  While this was a special project just for NAME volunteers, it's very similar to the Craftroom Roombook available on this site.  I just love how filled with everything it is!  Just like the real thing!

Jean Bevens made the Christmas Cookie vignette and roombook kits as a gift for her daughter-in-law's sister.  She does a Christmas Cookie party every how perfect is this! 

Carol Shea finished a full set of Art Deco furniture. 


Drue Conrad and Ann Setaro worked together on their Craftroom roombooks; Drue's is the one with the black frame on the left and Ann's is the one with the blue frame on the right.  Notice that they both have kitties who are "helping!"

Jayleen Salter made this wonderful little Rainbow Bridge roombook, "kit-bashing" with her own graphics for some of the box. What a variety of animals she's included.

Dale Lovett has made many of the roombook kits, and they are all packed with little details!  Here are her Cat Lover's Roombook and her Easter/Spring Roombook.  Also shown are her St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Roombooks. 


Janet Phillips has been busy making baby book roombooks for her grandchildren!


Jean Monk did the Christmas roombook and Lorraine Paduano made the Rainbow Bridge roombook (a great way to memorialize our departed furry friends.)   Marilyn Nielsen made the Wine Lover's Roombook. 


 Mary Gwinner and her sister tackled the Italian Restaurant roombook kit and used the corner diner booth kit as well.  They even made their own salads!  The other foods and drinks are from Desert Minis, Inc.


Carol Shea assembled and decorated the Ice Cream Shoppe and included many special details including a girl behind the counter ready to serve!


Ann Setaro shared pictures of her Southwest House, a collaboration between Liz West and me.  Liz did all the designing the structure and furnishings...I did the easier accessories.  But Ann did the real work and the house came out so nicely!  If you look carefully, you'll see the southwest pots from Desert Minis.