KIT - Art Deco Roombook

$ 25.00

An Art Deco themed Roombook set. These little kits include the 3D printed open book structure, pages for open book, two closed books, book covers, floor and wall coverings and a plastic case to hold your final product.  They go together quickly and are a great little miniature gift for friends or family.  Suitable for a quarter scale vignette or to display a small collection of larger scale items. 

Furniture Kits not included, but the third picture shows a sample decorated with Chair Kits, Table Kits and Screen Kits that are available from Desert Minis (click the links)

The outside cover of the open book measures 2 1/2" by 2 1/2".  The usable floor space is approximately 2" x 2" and the wall height is 1 13/16". 


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