One Inch Scale Closet Bed Kit

$ 10.00

This kit comes courtesy of the mini clubs in Phoenix who put on great state days with great projects.  The pic is from the outside of the instruction book which will be included.  It's partially done...maybe 2% done.  So there's still an opportunity to make it your own!  The base is wood, the walls are foam core.  Everything included in the state day kit is included.   This is not suitable for shipping outside of the US.  It's quite heavy and includes lots of strip wood and trim so will need a big box.   The price on this is super low...I would just like to see it go to a good home with someone who will finish it! 

(Okay, on that shipping thing...I think this won't be horrible to ship by parcel post, but I'm pretty sure that the website won't give you that option, so if you're interested but worried about the shipping, contact me and we'll do the transaction offline with actual shipping costs by parcel post.)

One Inch (1/12) Scale.

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